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Home Loans

Home Loans

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the home loan options out there?

Let us take the stress away and work with you to guide you through the home loan process.

The paperwork alone can be stressful (let alone the mortgage & finance jargon) – most of our process (if not all) can be remotely done right from the comfort of your own home.
Our role is to help you understand the lending process and we work with the lending panel every day and understand their policy and criteria needs. This will therefore provide you with a better chance of an approved home loan application.

If you are a First Home Buyer, or purchasing another property, investing, or looking for a commercial property or want to set up a self managed super fund – we will compare hundreds of home loan products for you to find the most suitable for you.

Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Are you looking to build your investment portfolio or buy your first investment property, we can help assist you.

We need to ensure the investment planning meets your criteria and maximises the return on the property in which you are looking to purchase.

The process in achieving successful property investment goals vary per client and can be obtained with our guidance and allowing us to find the best investment loan at the time of your purchase.

Saving money, property growth and allowing you the opportunity to be in the best position possible for your investment return is our objective.



Have you refinanced before ? Don’t know where to start…

There can be many different reasons why a client would want to refinance, examples of these can be:

– Better interest rate
– Debt Consolidation
– Needing cash out
– Future purchase

We compare hundreds of loan products to suit the individual needs of our clients and work in your best interest to accommodate your requirements and objectives.

Working with you to minimise the loan term of your mortgage and enabling you to pay down the facility faster or working through how to manage your surplus income to work for you.

Commercial Finanance

Commercial Finance

We can ensure your first or next Commercial property finance is as smooth as possible.

With a large selection of lenders to compare with, strong relationships with many of the Business Development Managers and Commercial teams we can help present to the lender on your behalf a application which will enable you to purchase that next commercial property.

Car Loans

Car Loans

What to do… so many car loan options out there!

Do we deal direct with the dealer ? – in a word, NO!

There is plenty of lending options for you that suits your car loan purchase.

Purchasing a new car or second car can be super exciting! Some people get the loan facility and are unhappy with the higher interest rate and left with very little in their pocket.
Comparing a competitive car loan through us is the best way to purchase your car. We also have companies that can help source the car for you!

Personal Loans

Personal Loans

The purpose of personal loans is to obtain a small portion of money for the purpose in which you need the funds, this may be to do the following:

– Home Improvements
– Holiday/ Travel
– Medical reasons (including cosmetic surgery)
– Schooling or Uni fees
– Car purchase
– Gap Finance (to buy property)
– Furniture
– Debt consolidation

With multiple lender options we have on offer lenders from $5000 – $80,000 in lending.

These loans can be structured as unsecured or secured and range in interest rates.

Loan terms can be from 3 years to 7 years and options to pay weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

We charge a small fee to establish the loan and the lender may charge a application fee.

However most lenders are fee free (*most) and allow you to make extra repayments or pay out the loan facility without penalties.

There is basic eligibility per application to meet & supporting documents required for the lender to complete their assessment.

This is a great option to have a small or large injection of cash to use towards the above purposes.